Jack Daniel’s Just Launched A Limited Edition Whiskey Aged In Añejo Tequila Barrels

A classic Jack with notes of tequila.

Jack Daniel’s is putting a Mexican twist on its classic Tennessee whiskey with a new spirit that’s aged in añejo tequila barrels.

The limited-edition Distillery Series selection #11 is a classic Jack whiskey aged in new charred American white oak barrels for at least four years, then finished in barrels used to mature añejo tequila for one year and seven months.

Distillery Series bottles are typically only available to purchase at Jack’s Lynchburg distillery along with a few Tennessee specialty shops. The 375-ml bottles are smaller than the usual 750-ml size and are only available in limited quantities, much like the brand’s Straight Tennessee Whiskey Finished with Toasted Pecan Wood Chips and Toasted Maple Barrel Finished Rye releases.

“As one of the most complete distilleries in the world, we’re fortunate to have the ability to experiment with every part of the whiskey making process, and that’s what our Distillery Series is all about,” said Chris Fletcher, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller.

“This añejo tequila barrel-finished whiskey pushes the bounds on what people may expect out of a Tennessee Whiskey, yet still has the familiar characteristics that are uniquely Jack Daniel’s.”

The new release’s tequila barrels push the special edition spirit’s flavors of agave and oak, with “aromas of sweet citrus and light oak on the nose and a taste of brown sugar and dried spices,” according to tasting notes. Jack Daniel’s Distillery Series selection #11 is bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV).

It’s now available in 375-ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $41.99 at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop at the Jack Daniel Distillery and in select Tennessee stores.