Jose Cuervo Debuts Arty New Reserva de La Familia Tequila

Cuervo’s latest release showcases the work of artist Gonzalo Lebrija in a custom-designed collector’s box.

Jose Cuervo

Your bar cart is about to get a little more stylish and artistic thanks to the latest release from the coveted Reserva de la Familia Collection from Jose Cuervo. An annual tradition since 1995 (the 200th anniversary of Jose Cuervo), the legendary tequila maker has since worked every year with an artistic collaborator to design a visually striking collector’s box.

This year, multi-talented visual artist Gonzalo Lebrija was tapped to dream up his own vision for a special-edition box, blending visual elements of origami with his interpretation of Cuervo’s famed agave fields.

The result is a premium tequila packaged in an even more premium fashion, one that can proudly be displayed on your bar cart or in your den with pride.

Jose Cuervo

Lebrija’s work spans multiple mediums, from photography to sound and sculpture, all of which were on display in the town of Tequila itself during a recent visit by Maxim.

Lebrija’s work falls right in line with other boundary-pushing artists who’ve partnered with Cuervo since 1995, respecting tradition but adding a fresh spin on Cuervo’s legendary tequila. The town of Tequila is a similar blend of the past and the present, and the Cuervo estate itself is a stunning example of the company’s impact in the field of artisanal tequila.

To design the box, Lebrija first started with careful photography of agave fields, creating a color palette running from dawn to dusk. It proved a meticulous process, not unlike the process used to turn agave into Jose Cuervo tequila.

The palette was then translated into screen-printed colors and shapes, resulting in the origami design homage on each box holding excellent Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo Tequila within an equally impressive bottle.

Jose Cuervo

And the liquid contained within the newly designed Reserva de la Familia packaging is famed and covetable in its own right, the result of years of careful refinement of Cuervo’s distillation process.

Reserva de la Familia itself represents tequila once set aside only for the Cuervo family — it’s a tradition that runs deep, and in the case of Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo, the results are worth it.

New American and French Oak barrels are used to age Extra Añejo, turning 10-12 year-old-agave plants into a truly top-shelf tequila that’s fit to be sipped neat alongside a Michelin-starred meal in a famed Mexican city like Guadalajara.

While the art work is visually stunning, the price point on Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo is more than agreeable when it comes time to add a small-batch tequila to your bar cart (Hint: That time is right now).

It retails for $185 at retailers throughout the U.S., but a small price to pay for a piece of Cuervo history.