Knob Creek’s New 7-Year-Old Rye Whiskey Is Kentucky Distillery’s First-Ever With Age Statement

The bold and spicy 100-proof spirit is now available nationwide.

(Knob Creek)

For the first time since Knob Creek introduced its inaugural straight rye whiskey in 2012, the Clermont, Kentucky distillery is including an age statement on its 100-proof rye.

Knob Creek, which is produced at the Jim Beam distillery, touts that all of its bottles are made in the “pre-prohibition style” upheld by legendary Master Distiller Booker Noe, Beam’s grandson. (Maxim recently featured top-shelf “Booker’s Batch” bourbons, crafted by Booker’s son Fred Noe. )

Knob Creek occupies a more affordable segment in Jim Beam’s small-batch portfolio, but the brand is now guaranteeing seven years of age for every bottle of of its straight rye whiskey, which should translate to an even more consistent sip.

According to the company, the whiskey smacks of “sweet caramel and vanilla mixed with deep round rye spice” in addition to “apple and floral notes with a hint of leather.” Tasting notes describe a “full body with balanced black pepper, sweet vanilla, and caramel finished with lingering oak and rich spice” before a warm, smooth and spicy finish.

Knob Creek’s straight rye news comes shortly after the release of its oldest whiskey ever—Knob Creek 18 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon—which was released in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary in 2022. Prices for the rare expression have since skyrocketed, surging from the $169.99 retail price to $400 and up on the whiskey aftermarket.

Knob Creek 7 Year Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is much more readily available nationwide at an SRP of just $36.99 per bottle.