This Historic Spanish Wine Is Not Only Delicious, It Also Has Great Health Benefits

The Aldonza Special Edition IV tastes great and is good for you, too.

Aldonza 1615

On the 400th anniversary of the publication of Miguel Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote, the historic Navamarín winery in La Mancha, Spain, added a special addition to its Aldonza family of wines—the Aldonza Special Edition IV. 

Created from the finest vines, this uniquely delicious wine is worthy of Cervantes’ most legendary creation, errant knight Don Quixote, and the love Quixote had for Aldonza Lorenzo.      

The Aldonza Special Edition IV is a cherry-colored red wine that’s barrel-aged for 12 months, conferring expertly spiced notes of coffee and cacao. It’s a superior blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo grapes that goes wonderfully with meats, stews, game, pates and cheeses.

And like all great wines, the Aldonza IV boasts some surprising health benefits. For instance, this Spanish red’s high level of antioxidants contribute to healthy blood flow, which is great for your cognitive abilities and for staying fit. It also increases levels of good cholesterol and lowers your risk of contracting lung and prostate cancer.

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But perhaps the most important quality is the longer, happier life that comes with enjoying a few glasses with family and friends. Toast great wine, good health and elegant Spanish history with a bottle of Aldonza Special Edition IV today.