Maestro Dobel Launches World’s First TURKEY-Infused Pechuga Tequila

Simply the breast.

Maestro Dobel

Spanish-speaking spirits fans will surely be intrigued by the name of Maestro Dobel’s new limited-edition “Pavito” tequila, which is being revealed exclusively by 

The Spanish word for “little turkey” printed boldly in black on the label denotes a world-first infusion of tequila with pechuga, or turkey breast.

Introducing raw poultry into the distillation process sounds wild, but pechuga spirits are a bona fide tradition in the world of the mezcal, tequila’s historied smoky sibling

“Taking inspiration from and adapting ancestral methods by using the aromatic process of infusing the savory notes from a turkey breast in tequila, is not only a first for us, but also for the category.” said Alex Coronado, Maestro Tequilero and Head of Production at Maestro Dobel. 

Maestro Dobel

Pavito starts as Maestro Dobel Silver, made with pure Blue Weber agave, double-distilled in copper pot stills, and macerated with spices. But for the first time in the brand’s portfolio a third distillation was performed, during which the pechuga turkey is placed at the top of the still to impart intense savory layers in the flavor profile. 

“Unlike mezcal, which is normally double distilled, the triple distillation results in a smooth, yet complex and balanced spirit that is not overpowered by the smoky notes,” Coronado added. 

While Pavito can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, a mix with sparkling water and a splash of pineapple juice is also welcome, as the fruit’s acidity brings out similar notes on the mid-palate and compliments finishing notes of anise. 

See the full official tasting notes below: 

Sight: Clear, bright, light-bodied, silvery undertones.
Aroma: Floral, citric. Fresh notes of mint, peppermint, chlorophyll, lemon tea and anise, cooked pineapple and plum, tejocote (Mexican hawthorn). Very subtle smoky notes.
Palate: Cooked-agave, sugar cane, fruits, spices (Cinnamon, pepper), tejocote.

Bottled at 40 percent ABV, Maestro Dobel Pavito is available at retailers nationwide for $59.99