Natural Light Launches ‘Natural Flight’ Private Jet Trip To Nowhere

One Natty Light fan and friends will have an ultra-exclusive “Nattified”travel experience.

Source: Natural Light

Just like almost everyone else, Natty Light drinkers have mostly spent an entire summer with no parties to go to. And it’s not always fun to drink your beer alone.

The brand is dropping a promotion intended to help us all get past that long, dark summer huddled inside trying to avoid the pandemic with what they call a “‘Nattified’ experience.’

The brewer says in a press release that the contest is “for one fan and their 21+ friends to take their next party sky-high…30,000 feet to be exact, via their very own private jet experience.”

Natural Light notes that other airlines have launched similar “flights to nowhere” and that private jet rental has gone through the roof as people seek some truly socially-distanced partying.

This, however, is an opportunity for 21 and overs to have a real private jet experience they can afford. Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch said in the same release that “Whether it’s concerts or life on campus, cancellations have become an unfortunate new normal for our fans these past six months.”

Okay, so how does it work? From the Natural Light announcement:

One lucky fan and their 21+ friends will get the chance to ride luxuriously with the perks and convenience of flying private, but it will all be taken to the next level on a “Nattified” aircraft.

The private jet comes equipped with tvs, gaming systems, comfort food, and decked out with Natty Light merch. The best part is that they don’t even have to worry about packing a bag, because this plane is taking off and landing at their local airport. 

Of course, keeping the passengers safe is Anheuser-Busch’s top priority so they say they will “follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 precautions.” That will include masking up, social distancing, and pre-flight health evaluations (COVID-19 tests, temperature checks) of the crew and all passengers.

To put yourself in line to win this ride, just use the social media hashtags #NaturalFlight and #Contest and write about what you would name your own private jet and the story behind that name. 

The contest is open for entries through October 20. Find out more by following @naturallight on Facebook and Twitter, @naturallightbeer on Instagram, or just visit