Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Launching a Whiskey That’s Been ‘Aged 5 Seconds’

The internet couldn’t handle the news.

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In case you haven’t heard yet: Yes, PBR didn’t just avoid extinction after making a new deal with distributor Miller-Coors—it’s even launching its own whiskey. 

Sit with that a moment and consider that the hard stuff has been having a moment. We wouldn’t say it has replaced craft beer or fine wine obsessions, but whiskey is a thing now. It invites a certain level of hipsterish devotion, and, well, a Pabst Blue Ribbon connection was just inevitable, if you think about it.

Vinepair has the details:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey will be an 80-proof (40 percent ABV) “white whiskey” that is “aged five seconds,” according to a spokesperson and its label, which was approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) last week. After rumors circulated about the potential PBR booze debut, Food and Wine confirmed on Tuesday that it is indeed real and set to launch this summer.

PBR whiskey will be sold in 750-milliliter bottles. Its label indicates a mash bill of 52 percent corn, 27 percent malted barley, 17 percent wheat, and 4 percent rye.

The takeaway is PBR is making moonshine, because that’s what white whiskey is—”raw” stuff that hasn’t been barrel-aged. 

Since PBR has had that hipster vibe for a while now, as well-loved by Brooklyn beardos as it once was by cutoff jeans-wearing backyard barbecue dads, news of a branded whiskey definitely received some social media discussion. Reactions were…mixed.

Okay now, that’s just harsh. 

There will be a market for Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey, we’re pretty sure of that. The guy who ran an ultramarathon swilling PBR might consider it a step too far, but who knows how those women into guys who drink the beer might see this development?

Whiskey and beer are natural companions, in the end—see the boilermaker

Price and release date aren’t available yet. Rest assured, you’ll probably learn those when friends start making jokes about it on Twitter again.