Rabbit Hole Unveils Raceking ‘Double Chocolate Malt’ Bourbon

Only 1,365 bottles of the exquisite double chocolate malt bourbon are available.

Rabbit Hole

The best things in life are worth the wait, and that’s doubly true when considering the best whiskies for your bar cart, especially a rare bourbon that’s delicately aged and carefully crafted.

It also follows that the best bourbon tends not to stick around for too long, and that should also hold true for the latest limited-edition release of Rabbit Hole Raceking.

Rabbit Hole

Part of the Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection and dreamed up by innovative bourbon maestro Kaveh Zamanian, the exceptional whiskey will now be released annually and marks the third installment in the series.

And true to form, Rabbit Hole is once again pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation in the process.

Raceking, so named for Kentucky’s storied horse racing heritage, uses proprietary malting processes and organic malted chocolate wheat from Germany, plus malted chocolate barley from the United Kingdom.

It’s also fittingly rare given the secretive process: Only 1,365 limited-edition, numbered bottle and box sets are available.

“Creating Raceking was part art, part science and a true risk-reward proposition for us. I wanted to bring out unique flavors in the whiskey without any adulteration or flavoring, instead letting the malted grains and the way we cook and process them tell the story,” Zamanian said.

“Being able to execute this from a process standpoint and bringing the liquid to life was very challenging, so Raceking began as a small batch ‘experiment’ if you will,” he added, noting “an element of uncertainty” existed in the process.

Rabbit Hole

The effect of the double chocolate malting process is apparent right away, making for a delightfully decadent experience that’s not unlike biting into a rich dark chocolate bar.

On the nose, whiskey enthusiasts will be delighted to discover plentiful, intense chocolate notes, along with a touch of fig and perhaps cinnamon.

Rabbit Hole

There’s also a wonderful sweetness on the palate, and Raceking’s flavors become more pronounced as it warms. Suffice to say, it’s an experience to be savored.

That experience extends beyond the spirit itself, which Zamanian recommends be enjoyed neat or with a drop of water to best bring out its chocolate flavors.

Rabbit Hole

Each bottle of Raceking is delivered in a handsome, deep orange linen-patterned box with metallic gold detailing, while the bottle itself features an embossed glass design playing off Rabbit Hole’s sash label (and for good measure, the gold cork is engraved with Zamanian’s family crest).

The essence of the whiskey itself is about more than just the final product, the founder added.

“Raceking represents our passion for creativity and innovation,” he said.

If that sounds like the sort of undeniable palate pleaser your bar cart needs, act quickly: Raceking is available in select national markets (and at the distillery itself) for $395 for a limited time.