Spirit Of The Week: Gran Sociedad Joven Tequila

A joven with a 30% añejo blend created by artists, entrepreneurs and tequileros to celebrate a Grand Mexican Society.

(Gran Sociedad)

Only launched in 2021 by an esteemed Mexican cabal of artist and entrepreneurs, Tequila Gran Sociedad migrates north of the border with a very exclusive, very expensive joven tequila.

As the name implies, Gran Sociedad was born with the idea of celebrating a Mexican “grand society” rich in visual artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, chefs, mixologists and of course tequileros to craft a spirit worthy of the concept.

(Gran Sociedad)

Creatives involved include filmmaker Pablo Aura (who coincidentally directed an excellent Jane’s Addiction documentary), singer Manuel Mijares, photographer Ignacio Urquiza and more.

Master Distiller Yadira Hernández leads a 60% female team in her quest, harvesting her fully mature agave from Los Altos de Jalisco, cooking in stone ovens, eschewing modern efficiency tools like diffusers, crushing her piñas under a volcanic Tahona wheel and distilling via copper alembic stills. They vow Gran Sociedad Joven is 100% natural with no sugars or flavor added, not a given in today’s tequila industry.

Hernández’s spirit then rests in medium toasted American oak barrels before she blends 30% añejo tequila (average one-year old) into the marriage. The more complex aged spirit adds an unexpected oily roundedness to the young tequila’s mouthfeel, along with notes of caramel and honey.

Founded by tequila industry veteran Luis Fernando Ochoa as a counterpoint to the “sea of imposter tequilas bankrolled by American celebrities,” every bottle of Gran Sociedad comes numbered and dated in an impressive package for a joven. The price for Gran Sociedad is equally impressive for a joven. $130

(Gran Sociedad)

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