Tesla Launches Cybertruck-Inspired Beer Brewed With ‘Cyberhops’

Tesla’s “GigaBier” is a premium German beer that comes in a sleek, glow-in-the-dark bottle.


Tesla is brewing up a “Cyberhop” beer to quench the thirsts of those awaiting delivery of the long-delayed Cybertruck.

“GigaBier” was first announced in 2021 in celebration of Tesla’s Berlin factory—a crucial piece of a plan to increase the EV maker’s European presence, Business Insider reports.

The beer is aptly brewed following Germany’s 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot tradition, which limits brewing ingredients to only water, yeast, barley and hops—GigaBier is made with a Tesla-exclusive “Cyberhop” variety.

Tesla Cybertruck (6)

The bottle itself is another clever piece of branding, as its shape appears to be inspired by the declining line that runs from the Cybertruck’s roof to the end of its bed.

It’s also presented in a gloss-black sleeve—an homage to the Cybertruck’s windows or rims, perhaps—and stamped with a glow-in-the-dark “Giga” watermark. The liquid inside has notes of ” citrus, bergamot and sweet fruit, according to Tesla.

This is a premium beverage, with a three-pack of 11-ounce bottles priced at roughly $98. Tesla previously found success selling a top-shelf $250 tequila in the U.S., which sold out within hours of release.


For now, GigaBier is only available in Europe. But should Tesla bring it stateside, it would almost certainly sell out.

As for the Cybertruck, production is currently scheduled to commence by the end of 2023. That may seem like an empty promise, but the futuristic pickups have been spotted undergoing tests in California. The first examples just might make it into customer garages by Christmas.