10 Great American Wines To Drink On Thanksgiving

These made-in-the-USA wines are perfect for washing down turkey and stuffing.

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As we prepare to collectively loosen our belts for the big Thanksgiving feast, it’s worth thinking about the best wines to drink with all that turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie and other holiday delicacies. John Slover, Major Food Group’s sommelier and corporate wine director, who oversees wine lists at chic Manhattan eateries Dirty French and Carbone and gave us his top picks for Thanksgiving reds last year, broke down five great American wines to enjoy on Turkey Day. He was joined by Amy Racine, wine director at New York’s Times Square Edition hotel, who supplied us with her own top five picks. Here, 10 American wines worth drinking on Thanksgiving, according to two holiday wine experts.

John Slover, Corporate Beverage Director at Major Food Group

Sparkling – La Garagista Ci Confonde Petillant Naturel (Vermont)


“One of several cult Pet-Nats that contributed to a rise in popularity for the category in the Northeast. A rustic, nimble wine with freshness, verve and briny cider-like fruit complexity that pairs well with anything from glazed sweet potatoes to turkey.” $25

Rose – Pax Trousseau Gris (Russian River Valley, California)

“Trousseau Gris doesn’t seem serious, but has more body than you’d expect and would pair well with rich vegetable sides.” $29

White – Macari Early Wine (Long Island)


“Bright acidity, a touch of sweetness with lots of citrus and stone fruits. This pairs well with Thanksgiving snacks like cured fish, meats and hard cheeses.” $19

Red – Caduceus Cellars “Nagual de la Naga” (Arizona)


“It is a decadently fruity red reminiscent of rich, jammy Shiraz and would pair nicely with dark meat turkey and cranberry sauce.” $50

Red – Corliss Cabernet Sauvignon (Washington)

“This is a 97-percent cabernet sauvignon with a seasoning of petit verdot and has a dark beauty with bombastic fruit. Drink with turkey, and if you happen to be serving roast beef or leg of lamb, even better. Feel free to have another glass before a much needed afternoon nap.” $87

Amy Racine, Wine Director at Times Square Edition Hotel

Sparkling – Gruet “Domaine St Vincent” Brut (New Mexico)


“Bubbles are a nice way to welcome guests on Thanksgiving. It’s also something great to sip on to get the appetite going before the big meal.” $13

Rose – Old Westminster Abbey Syrah Rose (Maryland)


“Rose is a versatile wine for Thanksgiving because it goes with everything on the table.” $24

White – Southhold Farm + Cellars “Don’t Forget to Soar” White Blend (Texas) 


“A full-bodied option to please the rich Chardonnay fans without the big oak from Southhold Farm + Cellars in the Texas Hill High Plains. This is perfect for roasted veggies and stuffing.” $24

Red – Southhold Farm + Cellars “Horseshoes & Handgrenades” Sparkling Lagrein (Texas)


“This is a juicy sparkling red with just a slight amount of fizz. It’s tart and fun with game birds like turkey, especially with cranberry sauce.” $28

Red – Cowhorn “Moonraker” Red Blend (Oregon)

“A Grenache/Syrah blend that’s smooth and great for turkey, especially the dark meat.” $55