This Bulletproof Whiskey Vault Keeps Prized Bottles Safe In The Coolest Way Possible

This indestructible steel whiskey vault is designed to store your favorite spirits in the safest way possible.

Whiskey Vault

The question posed by Whiskey Vault is simple enough in theory: How should you store your favorite, most prized rare whiskey? But the answer they’ve come up with is anything but simply, seeing as the Whiskey Vault Mini is, without a doubt, one of the coolest ways to store your whiskey on the planet.

Available at UNCRATE, the Whiskey Vault Mini is actually a smaller version of the impossibly cool, tough-as-nails and truly luxurious Whiskey Vault, but either option is a one-of-a-kind way to keep your favorite winter bourbon safe and sound, be it Pappy Van Winkle or a rare new edition of Maker’s Mark.

For starters, the front window is bulletproof, in case you happen to find yourself in a James Bond-esque shootout involving The Macallan. A PIN code electronic lock system also keeps any and all iconic spirits safe from overly enthusiastic sippers.

Whiskey Vault

And just like your favorite watch or a custom pair of dress shoes, each Whiskey Vault Mini — with space for 10 to 15 bottles — is built to order, as well as individually numbered.

Call it a visually striking way to store some of the finest whiskey on the planet, or call it an insurance policy of sorts — why not both?

Whiskey Vault

It’s a fine addition to your home bar, with dimensions that should fit on a countertop or home bar itself without taking up too much space (you need room for other bar accessories, after all).

The Whiskey Vault Mini clocks in at $3,680, while the larger Whiskey Vault will set you back $5,500. When you consider the lengths you’ve gone to in securing a new bottle of Pappy or another coveted collector’s whiskey, this ingenious vault actually provides quite the return on your investment.

Whiskey Vault

And while you’ve likely seen a handsomely outfitted home bar or well-built bar cart, there’s no way to keep your whiskey safe quite like a custom-built vault finished off with solid steel atop a teak cabinet.

Only the best whiskey on the planet is befitting of this incredible storage unit, so if you feel your collection is deserving, consider the Whiskey Vault Mini the ultimate solution and the perfect complement to an evening dram.