This Simple Rye Whiskey Cocktail Is a Refreshing Summer Tipple

Prohibition-style whiskey plus ginger beer equals good times.

Tincup Whiskey

Believe it or not, we think your next summer cocktail should be made with whiskey. Although there’s hardly ever a bad time to enjoy one of the best whiskeys, it seems like the colder confines of fall and winter are better-suited to whiskey … or are they?

When you want to channel the spirit of summer adventure and the Great American Frontier, we can think of no finer whiskey to drink in the summer than Tincup’s Rye Whiskey. We asked founder Jess Graber to put his spin on a summer whiskey cocktail, but we’ll get to that in a moment—Tincup has a story worth sharing.

Tincup Whiskey

Ideal for a socially distanced bonfire or even a getaway in the great outdoors (cooler on hand), Tincup Whiskey gets its name from a Colorado mining town, which in turn was named after the tin cups that miners enjoyed their favorite spirit in after a hard day’s work. It’s only fitting that current iterations of Tincup are topped off with a mini tin cup, too. 

The company’s Rye Whiskey is based on pre-Prohibition whiskeys, cut with Rocky Mountain water for a difference you can taste. In fact, rye was the country’s predominant whiskey before Prohibition. Vanilla, caramel and tobacco notes abound for a classic rye whiskey drinking experience when it comes to Tincup, one that a novice or aficionado will surely appreciate.

Tincup Whiskey

While the whiskey is ideal to enjoy on the rocks or neat, founder Jess Graber shared the below with us, and it’s certainly one of the best whiskey cocktails for summer. What to do next? Find some Tincup near you, mix this drink up and kick back on your patio—summer sipping means a refreshing whiskey cocktail these days.

How to Make the Tincup Rye Colorado Mule

Fill up the mini tin cup lid with Tincup Rye. Pour into any glass and add 4 oz of ginger beer
. Squeeze in 1 lime and mix.

Tincup Whiskey

Graber encourages sippers new and old to “savor this refreshing cocktail and let it take you on a well-needed mental vacation to the simple days of mountain living, where adventure and good whiskey reigned.”
To us, that sounds worthy of a toast.