WhistlePig Unveils First-Ever ‘Finished On The Road’ Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig’s Roadstock Rye Whiskey was aged in a “RoadStock Rolling Rickhouse”—a Class 8 semi-truck loaded with the Vermont distillery’s best rye whiskey.


Presented by WhistlePig

You’ve sipped whiskey that’s traveled the world to get to your tumbler… but that was already bottled. You’ve probably never enjoyed a whiskey that’s journeyed across this great country, not once but twice, while it aged in barrels. Now’s your chance with WhistlePig’s new limited edition RoadStock Rye Whiskey.

A successor to their innovative FarmStock (crafted with homegrown rye, distilled in their 19th-century barn and aged in custom barrels made from local oak) and HomeStock (blended, voted on and selected by fans and experts at home during pandemic quarantining) expressions, RoadStock aims to take the experimentation to the next level by taking it on the road.

So the WhistlePig crew commissioned what they called the “RoadStock Rolling Rickhouse”— a Class 8 semi-truck loaded with their best rye whiskey. Half in their original oak barrels and half from Bordeaux blend casks from Jordan Winery in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. 

The RoadStock Rolling Rickhouse then made the long 3,000-mile journey over much of Route 66 to Paso Robles, California to the esteemed Firestone Walker brewery where the barrels were disgorged and poured into Firestone Walker barrels — specifically Bravo Imperial Brown Ale, Helldorado Blonde Barley Wine and Parabola Imperial Stout.


WhistlePig left its empty barrels in Paso Robles so the craft brewery can play around and age some beer in the rye-soaked American white oak, while the RoadStock Rolling Rickhouse made an abrupt 180 and headed back to Vermont where Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig’s Chief Blender, would start braining out with the five different barrels (three Firestone beers, Jordan’s Bordeaux blend casks and WhistlePig’s own) worth of distinct flavor profiles to create their ultimate RoadStock blend.

All in all the whiskey inside traveled some 6,000-miles across America, experiencing wild temperature, elevation and climate changes — each playing with the unique wood in never-before-experienced ways.

That’s no gimmick, that’s real world dynamic aging being trialed IRL.


“In general with Whistlepig innovation we’re trying to create a spotlight and tell stories that support the larger brand vision, which is to be the best premium rye whiskey on the planet,” Eliza McClure, Whistlepig’s VP of Marketing & Innovation, tells us. 

“Of course leading in quality shines through the whiskey itself, but also leading in terms of creativity and experimental energy — that goes behind everything we do. So with the LTOs (Limited Time Offers) like RoadStock we create these exclusive chances for consumers to grab something that creates a story in time.”

“We do a lot of different finishes at WhistlePig, but rarely barrels from the US. So I wanted to showcase some places in America making great wine and beer — like Jordan and Firestone — and show how their barrels can shine in the world of whiskey,” adds Chief Blender Ireland. 


“I also specifically wanted to blend together a beer and wine finish. This is not something that has really been done before, but I knew the creamy notes from the ales would pair well together with the sweeter notes from the wine.”

The resulting spirit is an eminently elegant, tasty and unique rye whiskey — which shouldn’t surprise given WhistlePig is in North America’s #1 distiller in the ultra-premium and luxury rye whiskey category.

“I am very excited and happy with the result of RoadStock,” Ireland continues. “The wine finish really comes through on the front of your pallet while the beer makes up a lot of the finish. Both the beer and the wine finishes would stand strong on their own, but the blend of the two together is where the real magic is.”

Hitting shelves today of your favorite fine spirits retailer, the 86 proof (43% ABV) WhistlePig RoadStock Rye Whiskey is available for $72.99 per bottle.