WhistlePig & Solo Stove Fire Up CampStock Wheat Whiskey Kit

Spice up your fire pit experience with this unique whiskey collab.


Some pairings are so natural, they go together without a second thought — kind of like a fine pour of whiskey around a summer campfire. Innovative luxury whiskey pioneers WhistlePig have now made the dynamic duo official with the launch of a new wheat whiskey kit alongside Solo Stove.


The kit combines the two pastimes in admirable fashion, pairing new CampStock Wheat Whiskey with  custom WhistlePig branded Solo Stove Mesa XL tabletop stoves (and more).

And CampStock Wheat Whiskey itself blurs lines seamlessly: The wheat whiskey (blended with WhistlePig’s signature rye) was finished in barrels toasted using Solo Stove flame. Your everyday cooperage production process, this was not.

“We’ve experimented with Wheat Whiskey as part of our FarmStock series and other limited editions,” WhistlePig Blender Meghan Ireland said, noting that the final product “takes the soft and smooth wheat profile to a new level” through a mashbill boasting 85 percent wheat whiskey.

“No cooperage had ever used a Solo Stove on their barrel toasting platform, but Independent Stave Company was up for it, and the result was incredible,” Ireland added.

WhistlePig also notes that the 86-proof CampStock Wheat is “the perfect strength for passing around a smokeless fire pit, complete with notes of vanilla, citrus and freshly toasted bread crust.


WhistlePig certainly isn’t shy about pushing the envelope in matters of production or presentation, including a recently launched 25-year American single malt and much-loved yearly releases like its Boss Hog rye series.

Solo Stove, on the other hand, is seemingly a fixture in backyards and on TV screens, complete with the fall 2023 debut of a smokeless fire pit with none other than Snoop Dogg.

The partnership runs deeper than just a luxurious summer sipper of a whiskey and Solo Stove fire pits: WhistlePig’s toasted Solo Stove barrels were then broken down into WhistlePig Barrel Firewood for a true smokeless seasonal fire pit experience.

And the bundle (Whiskey Barrel Firewood, a Solo Stove Mesa XL and of course, WhistlePig whiskey) is available online at WhistlePig now. Just interested in the spirit itself? CampStock Wheat Whiskey can also be bought online at WhistlePig for $74.99.

Last but not certainly not least: The entire experience comes full circle with Camp WhistlePig at the distillery itself in Shoreham, Vermont.

Through June 3rd, whiskey and outdoor enthusiasts can enter to win a trip to camp (complete with Solo Stove cookouts and WhistlePig S’mores Maple Old Fashioneds) via both Solo Stove and WhistlePig social media channels.

Some partnerships are worth a hearty toast around a crackling fire, and this summer, WhistlePig and Solo Stove hold the flame aloft admirably.