Widow Jane Reveals 2022 ‘The Vaults’ Whiskey

The Brooklyn- based boutique whiskey distiller’s latest release blends its oldest and rarest spirits.

Widow Jane

The best bourbon on the market stands alone in terms of care and craft — it’s a difference you can taste, and when you know, you just know. And the latest edition of Widow Jane‘s “The Vaults” series raises the bar (or rather, barrel) even higher.

The Red Hook, Brooklyn-based distiller, nestled away in a rustic outpost among old-school cobblestone streets, just announced the fourth edition in its ongoing The Vaults series, bringing together the distiller’s oldest and most rare whiskey in one coveted batch.

Widow Jane

The 99-proof release blends whiskey ranging in age from 14 years to 19 years, and echoes the sentiment behind similar Vaults releases.

Each iteration offers a new take on American bourbon, focused on different finishing woods and air seasoning processes. And of course, the older the whiskey used in the blending process, the more intense and memorable the results — Widow Jane wouldn’t have it any other way.


In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be in New York City, the distillery happens to be celebrating tonight with its 10th anniversary party — expect plenty of standout whiskey to go around.

(Widow Jane)

The approach lends itself to hyper-small batches, and just 2,000 cases of The Vaults 2022 are being released this year.

Last year’s The Vaults 2021 release brought forth an impressive 15-year expression, but once again, the ante has been upped.

Widow Jane

This year’s release picks up distinctive character from the use of air-seasoned Missouri Ozark Oak — Widow Jane notes the tight-grain Oak lends itself to hints of smoke, spice and vanilla.

Widow Jane

The difference is all in the details, too. Widow Jane prides itself on its use of limestone mineral water from New York’s Rosendale Mines in the proofing process, making each Widow Jane release a uniquely New York spirit.

“The Vaults 2022 represents the craftsmanship of the distillers before me, the warehouse men and women, the farmers and the truck drivers and the Widow Jane team,” said Widow Jane Master Distiller Lisa Wicker.


For good measure, this covetable whiskey isn’t likely to stick around the market for very long. It’s a splurge-worthy holiday purchase at $250, and a handsome, nearly essential addition to any bar cart.