5 Awesomely Affordable Vapes To Smoke Right Now

We bravely tested these vapes to find out which are the very best, and got high AF in the process…

Vaporizer Promo
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As state lawmakers across America increasingly become more open to marijuana legalization, a mind-boggling array of vapes are flooding the market. And it can seem pretty damn daunting to decide which one to buy.

There’s nothing wrong with copping rolling papers or a glass bowl from your local head shop, but if you’re down with learning about the latest weed vapes, we’ve got you covered. 

What makes a vaporizer so attractive is that it heats weed enough to release a vapor of THC, but not the point that the plant catches fire and releases potentially harmful chemicals in the form of smoke. 

The result is a clearer-headed vapor high that won’t have you coughing your lungs out, not to mention being crazy easy to use on the street, at a party or even in church if you’re a total weirdo.  

We loaded up these vapes, tested them, and yes, got really high. Read on to find out which one you’re into the most. 

1. Summit Plus by Vapium ($149.99)

Photo: Vapium

If you like to smoke up outside and become one with nature, then this sleek little device is for you. 

Aside from easy being the lightest and most compact vape we tried, it was designed specifically to be used outdoors. It’s splash and dust proof, meaning if your stoned AF self drops it in the dirt or spills beer on it, you’re still good to go. 

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply load the chamber with your preferred strain of dried herb, close it up with its magnetic lid, click the power button a few times, and wait for the cell phone-like vibration to let you know it’s time to start toking. 

It can even be paired with an app on your phone to adjust temperature controls and monitor your smoking technique (a little overkill, if you ask us), but we had some major problems with connectivity. Nevertheless it’s a smart, portable way to enjoy weed. 

2. Boost eRig by Dr. Dabber ($149.99)

Photo: Dr. Dabber

At $150, this is one of the cheapest concentrate vapes that money can buy. The stoner-iffic look has all the subtlety of a clown-faced Graffix bong, which means it’s probably best for home use. But then you weren’t planing to leave the house anyway, right? 

If you’ve never used a wax rig before–which is only used with wax or oil–this is a great way to start. The instructions are easy to follow, but best to make sense of its various components before you get totally baked.

Fair warning: this thing will get you high as hell. Concentrates are, by definition, stronger than your average herb, and it can vaporize a sizable amount in a couple hits. Unless your a seasoned stoner, this is probably better-suited for Netflix and pizza binges then for a pre-party mood enhancer. But do you, dog. 

3. DaVinci IQ ($274.99)  

Photo: DaVinci

This handy little vape is straight-up awesome. It’s super stylish, feels great in your hand, and basically looks like something you’d find in James Bond’s pocket. 

First off, the packaging is really nice, and reminds us of a fancy box of chocolates. Basically, it looks like there’s going to be something exquisite inside, and there sure as hell is.

When you open it up, there are a bunch of nicely arranged little boxes of accessories (like a carry can for your sticky icky) inside the big box. Nice. 

Once you get past the impressive packaging, the vape itself is super easy to set up, because there’s nothing you need to do except charge it, stuff some pot in it, and turn it on, so you can start getting high like, yesterday. 

Plus, it made the pot taste really good–almost floral and not burnt like the smoke from a joint smells, and we barely coughed, even though we got as high as Cheech and Chong in a hot air balloon. Smoking from this vape was a goddamn delight.

Overall, everything about the Davinci IQ is superb. We love it, and it loves us back. It may be the priciest vape we tested, but it’s also the best. 10/10 would totally recommend. 

4. Dipper by Dipstick Vapes ($149.99)  

Photo: Dipstick Vapes

This might be the most sleekly compact vape of the bunch. Its shiny metallic exterior and long, cylindrical shape make it look no more conspicuous than a pen, but its ample weight tells and tight-fitting components let you know that it was thoughtfully designed with getting majorly blazed in mind.

Again, this one is only usable with wax or oil. What sets it apart from other wax rigs it doesn’t require users to perform the often cumbersome task of trying to load messy concentrates into a chamber. Instead, it can be used by touching the “vapor tip atomizer” directly to the wax or oil as you hold down the heating button and inhale. 

Additionally, it does have an small interchangeable “quartz crystal atomizer” chamber in which you can load larger quantities, but we found that this attachment went through too much too fast without giving us a proportionate high. But its stylish look, solid functionality, and affordable price give it a thumbs up. 

5. Hydrology9 by Cloudious9  (Price TBD)

Photo: Cloudious9

At first glance, the Cloudious Hydrology9 is a monster. A beautiful one, but a monster nonetheless. It’s big, it looks like a rocket ship, and it’s a little confusing thanks to its many parts and chambers. So when we first opened up the box, we thought, “Damn. What a beautiful yet complicated way to toke up.”

Full disclosure: We got a little lost while setting it up, and totally poured water into the wrong chamber. Whoops. But after some trial and error, we finally figured out what goes where, charged it, and turned that bad boy on.

First of all, it was a really fun surprise when the vape started flashing colorful lights and it looked like a lava lamp. And when it came to the actual smoking part, it got the job done very nicely. It was smooth, and a very enjoyable way to send my brain on an herbal vacation.

When the Hydrology9 hits the the market, it’s sheer size and components will probably put it at a higher price point. But if you’re looking for a vape to use on the reg, you should definitely consider picking one up.