Play On ANY Console With Genius New ALL Controller Universal Gaming Remote

It’s the only gaming controller you’ll ever need.

Credit: ALL Controllers

Currently getting over-funded on Kickstarter, the ALL Controller has gamers salivating over the idea of a single controller for all of your gaming needs. 

According to their Kickstarter page, the ALL Controller is a third-party video game remote control with a built-in screen that offers high-customizability and compatibility with almost any gaming device out there, from consoles like PS4 and Xbox One to PCs and Macs to mobile devices like iPhones and Android smartphones.

Credit: ALL Controllers

It’s a clever and streamlined solution to the problem of every gaming platform requiring its own controller, leaving casual and hardcore gamers alike with a mess of battery-powered plastic that won’t play nice with anything else. 

The end result is a controller that you can rely on at home, in VR or even on those long trips when you’re looking to your iPhone for your gaming fix.

Credit: ALL Controllers

Its versatility, compatibility and price ($55 for wired, $80 for wireless) make it tempting for casual gamers but the hardcore will definitely appreciate its unprecedented customizability, where nearly every component on the controller – from buttons to thumbsticks – can be changed, adjusted, refined or swapped via the screen and saved as a preset for whatever game or platform you’re playing. 

That means adjusting trigger pressure, thumbstick sensitivity, remapping buttons and much, much more.

Credit: ALL Controllers

As with any Kickstarter, we’ll follow it closely until it makes it into gamers’ hands. Until then, we’ll dream of a day when we can eBay the pile of controllers we’re forced to keep lying around. 

Check out this video from ALL Controller’s kickstarter page for a deep dive into the game-changing gamepad.