The Best Armored Vehicles and High-End Spy Gadgets

Armored vehicles, encrypted devices, secure networks and even counter-espionage have all become part and parcel for much of the corporate world.

Left: Detect Ear Audio Amplifier w/Parabolic Microphone ($1,099), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;
Middle: DR8000 Easy Voice Recorder ($148.95), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;
Right: DD1207 iProtect Multi-channel Detector for Wireless Protocols ($795), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;

In the modern world, protecting one’s business, family and self requires taking a wide range of precautions. From physical security to protecting your communications and data, everyone from corporate executives and government officials to the average citizen needs to be proactive in considering their safety and that of the people and things they value.

Left: iTrail GPS Logger w/Magnetic Case ($149.98), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;
Middle: NG2000 Cell Phone Detector w/White Noise ($569), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;
Right: TrackPort 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker ($29.95), BRICKHOUSE SECURITY;

Armored vehicles, encrypted devices, secure networks and even counter-espionage have all become part and parcel for much of the corporate world; and as hackers, cyber criminals and other threats continue to evolve, the general public also needs to consider how to best protect themselves. 

Left: Complete Countersurveillance Kit ($1,034.95), BRICKHOUSE SECURITY;
Center: J1000 White Noise Generator ($499.98), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP; 
Right: Diasonic Voice Recorder ($299), INTERNATIONAL SPY SHOP;

If your budget allows, it’s likely best to entrust the experts to construct a full-spectrum security plan. Today’s corporate security firms offer far more than a hulking man in dark glasses to walk behind you. There are numerous companies in the field, such as David Shield Security, founded by former members of the Secret Service and Israeli Special Forces, and able to provide services ranging from the standard armored transport and bodyguards to cyber and technological protection. 

The Civilian version of INKAS’ Sentry armored vehicle offers VIPs immensely secure travel without having to sacrifice any luxury or comfort. 

Or Concentric Advisors, a risk management firm whose CEO is a retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral. Concentric offers more than simply traditional security, but also intelligence and threat management services. These organizations actually come closer to the capabilities of national security agencies than they do the standard bodyguard offerings the public imagines. 

That being said, there are still ways for any risk-averse individuals to enhance their own safety. Armored vehicles, previously only bulletproof, now offer additional options like defenses against chemical or biological weapons and secure communications. 

The G63 AMG can be customized both in terms of exterior armor for security and interior specifications to satisfy even the most demanding luxury-seeking clients.

Electronic sweeps of your home and office are no longer the purview of law enforcement alone, as handheld devices are now on offer that can provide peace of mind and a guarantee of privacy. What is required obviously depends on your personal vulnerabilities, threats and price range—but it’s clear that today’s security-conscious CEOs have more options at their disposal than ever before.

Luxury SUV options for clients include the Range Rover Autobiography (left) and Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (middle), while the Lexus LX570 (right) and Cadillac Escalade (not shown) are the two most popular vehicles in INKAS’ range. 

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing offers a mind-blowing array of security-conscious vehicles, ranging from extreme Armored Personnel Carriers for law enforcement agencies to inconspicuous civilian automobiles that won’t draw attention. According to INKAS’ VP of Marketing and Business Development Arthur Yurovitsky, the United States is the company’s largest market for luxury vehicles followed by Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. 

“Our luxury vehicles typically end up with either VIPs whom are concerned with their safety while in transport, or the safety of their loved ones,” explains Yurovitsky. “Alternately, the same class of vehicles are in use by corporations, embassies and other government entities on a global scale.”