Bang & Olufsen Cranks Up New Ferrari Audio Collection

The speed of sound.

(Bang & Olufsen)

Supercharged audio and supercars have more than a few things in common, namely an appreciation for razor-sharp design and impeccable performance. It’s not a far gap between the two fields, particularly when the sleek, legendary lines and colors of Ferrari meet the crystal-clear sound quality of Bang & Olufsen.

The meeting of the minds is on full display in the new Bang & Olufsen For Ferrari Collection, which covers your audio needs in every way aside from putting a Ferrari in your driveway.

(Bang & Olufsen)

The brand, which made the first mass-produced radio able to be plugged into a wall, has expanded toward new horizons in recent years with a modern home turntable system and the world’s biggest OLED TV.

And its latest partnership falls right in line with the Danish company’s wheelhouse: a stellar experience that covers everything from home listening (via the Beosound 2 speaker) to on-the-go audio (through the Beoplay EX wireless earphones).

(Bang & Olufsen)

The centerpiece of the Bang & Olufsen For Ferrari Collection could be the Beosound 2 Ferrari Edition, which drives home “the craft of Danish audio and the flair of Italian motorsport,” Bang & Olufsen said.

(Bang & Olufsen)

The Danish audio brand knows that details make the difference in terms of audio quality (not unlike the precise inner workings beneath the hood of a Ferrari).

In this case, that means even the understated, ergonomically designed Beoplay EX earphones fit the bill in terms of performance in a compact package.

(Bang & Olufsen)

The Beoplay H95 Over-Ear Headphones offer an even more immersive listening session, not to mention handsome design details via Ferrari’s signature red-and-black color scheme.

The one catch? The headphones themselves won’t be available until October 2023, with a lofty price tag of $1,299.

As for the rest of the luxurious Bang & Olufsen For Ferrari Collection, getting an audio upgrade is as easy as a few clicks online for the time being.