Billionaire Smackdown: Elon Musk Says His Space Rocket Is Better Than Jeff Bezos’ Space Rocket

Oh, it is SO on. 

Billionaire founder Jeff Bezos is flying high with the historic test flight of his company Blue Origin’s fully-reusable rocket that could usher in a bold new era of space travel, but rival Space X CEO Elon Musk wants him to cool his jets.

The billionaire brouhaha erupted on Twitter Tuesday, after Bezos crowed that Blue Origin had successfully landed a spent rocket back on Earth after an unmanned flight into space, thereby beating SpaceX in the race to develop a reusable rocket.

The New Shepard craft flew a suborbital mission to 330,000 feet Monday, topping four times the speed of sound, then landed the capsule and its liquid-fueled rocket safely on Earth to fly again another day.

Bezos told the Wall Street Journal that he envisions flying commercial passengers in space in less than two years. “We’ll fly humans when we’re ready,” he told WSJ on Tuesday. “I’m thinking it could be sometime in 2017.”

But when the bouyed billionaire made his very first tweet all about Blue Origin’s game-changing accomplishment, Tesla and SpaceX founder Musk was there to dump a little shade on his fellow Master of the Universe with a snarky correction.

Hey guys, be cool. There’s more than enough reusable space rockets for everybody to enjoy. 

Photos by Blue Origin