This Bugatti Espresso Machine Will Turbocharge Your Morning

The eye-catching coffee brewer was inspired by Bugatti's Chiron hypercar.
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Bugatti Etiron Espresso Maker Concept (2)

Bugatti already sells a branded coffee mug, so this racy espresso maker would be a logical next offering from the French marque's merch shop.

Fábio Martins, a transportation designer for Portuguese firm Almadesign, based the caffeine-dispensing concept on the Nespresso C100 Essenza espresso machine and then incorporated elements from the record-setting Chiron hypercar

Bugatti Etiron Espresso Maker Concept (5)

Yanko Design notes that the so-called "Bugatti Etiron" features the brand's classic blue and black color scheme and signature horseshoe grille motif when viewed from the front. 

Bugatti Etiron Espresso Maker Concept (1)

Its profile boasts very Bugatti-esque body curves and a two-tone scheme that creates a "C"shape. Founder Ettore Bugatti's stylized initials appear above the nozzle and what appears to be the reservoir. Martins even rendered a slick matching carrying case to contain the device. 

Bugatti Etiron Espresso Maker Concept (4)

While exotic car concepts are often too fantastical to actually bring to fruition, Martins' Bugatti Etiron could very well inspire the performance automaker to pull the trigger on an exclusive coffee maker. Fingers crossed! 

Bugatti Etiron Espresso Maker Concept (3)