Can a New Tech Device Give You Cristiano Ronaldo’s Body?

The ‘Sixpad’ utilizes electric pulses….or something…to make you ridiculously buff with no effort at all.  

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good soccer player. No, in case you didn’t know,  he’s really good. But when you’re at the top of your game, when your hometown has erected a statue to honor your accomplishments (and your dick) there comes a point when you realize that you have mass appeal. That you can cross over.

CR7 hit that point a few years ago. You remember. After he was in those Armani campaigns flashing his abs, the fútbol star took to fashion, releasing a range of shirts, shoes, socks and underwear. Recently, the Real Madrid forward took it a step further, endorsing a new fitness device alongside a pretty little blonde thing in an ad campaign we can best describe as incredible. No really, watch.

Of course this isn’t the team captain’s first unusual sideline. There was also that time he tried to get people to “tone their facial muscles.” But this takes it a step beyond. This is full body. And when you consider the fact that really smart people already told us this approach doesn’t work and that published reports note that Ronaldo does about 3,000 sit ups a day to look the way he does, the new project really makes us twitch.

Then again, points for getting that product placement for his underwear line in there. Yeah, we see  you Cristiano .

So sure, you can spend what amounts to about $200 for the “world class cutting edge technology” behind this 23 minute muscle training program — if you can understand Japanese to navigate the webstore. Or you can have a laugh, go for a run, and start working on those 3,000 sit ups.

If you laugh hard enough, that might work your abs too.

Photos by SixPad