Cillian Murphy Rocks Montblanc’s New UltraBlack Accessories Line

The 'Peaky Blinders' star showcases razor-sharp accessories including a watch, headphones and backpack.
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Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (5)

Legendary luxury brand Montblanc has tapped Irish actor Cillian Murphy as one of its “Mark Makers” in a new campaign celebrating Montblanc’s UltraBlack Collection.

Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (7)

Murphy, who stars as Thomas Shelby on the BBC hit Peaky Blindersknows a thing or two about razor-sharp style. And as it turns out, so does the man best-known as the Birmingham gangster. 

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Montblanc knows plenty about delivering accessories and everyday carry essentials packed with refinement and elegance, so the partnership is certainly a fitting one as it celebrates those who are relentlessly creative and innovative.

Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (4)

We have a feeling Mr. Shelby himself would approve of the cross-category collection, which features a line of refined writing instruments, a jaw-dropping 1858 Geosphere UltraBlack Watch, over-ear headphones, and even Montblanc Augmented Paper, which allows you to transfer handwritten notes to digital devices.

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Murphy is joined in the campaign by international DJ Peggy Gou and actor, singer and writer Chen Kun, which carries on the Montblanc ideal that “What Moves You, Makes You.” Last year’s campaign featured visionaries like Spike Lee and actor Taron Egerton.

An Irish star known for his roles in Dunkirk and the classic, underrated The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Murphy’s forward-moving approach to his craft is echoed in the the collection. 

Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (7)

“Emotion of the story is the thing that is key for me,” Murphy said. “If I don’t feel altered by the story and the truth of the performance, then it hasn’t worked for me as a performer and a viewer.”

Globetrotting creatives and those who favor the tailored style of Peaky Blinders will find lots to love in the sleek, rarified collection.

Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (1)

“The pieces and their functionality, while unified by their black design, were carefully selected based on the everyday needs and mindset of those who don’t just strive to succeed, but who leave a mark with everything they do, always with meaning and purpose,” said Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki.

The highlight of the collection might be the Tommy Shelby-esque Geosphere UltraBlack Watch, featuring a black-coated steel case and a satin-finishing technique designed to deliver a unique patina. 

Montblanc Cillian Murphy UltraBlack Collection  (2)

It’s the kind of watch that Tommy Shelby would surely wear, and if that sounds like something you’d appreciate, we recommend going with any number of game-changing pieces from the UltraBlack Collection.