David Beckham Is The New Face Of Audio Brand Bowers & Wilkins

Audio perfection meets sporting excellence.

(Bowers & Wilkins)

Whether it’s serving up slick moves on the pitch or launching a custom Maserati car collection, David Beckham’s sensibilities and taste are nearly without question. And that sense of taste is getting a touch more flair, as the legendary soccer star is now the man at the front of Bowers & Wilkins.

(Bowers & Wilkins)

The luxury British brand is squarely entrenched in the world of high-end audio, including home must-haves like the Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series and a wireless speaker inspired by the clean lines of McLaren.

But the partnership with David Beckham as the long-term face of the brand goes deeper, tracing its way back to Becks’ use of music as a way to focus before major matches during his playing days.

The Manchester United and international soccer star was at one time the highest-paid player in the world, and ranks among FIFA’s top 100 players of all-time. It follows, naturally, that he’d have high standards for audio in his daily life, one might say.

And in the present day, Beckham noted in an Instagram post that music played a vital role in his childhood, as well as daily outings with his own family.

In ways both big-picture and more intricate, the audiomaker said the partnership makes crystal-clear sense.

“David’s refined taste meets Bowers & Wilkins’ unwavering pursuit of perfection to create an extraordinary alliance of style and sound,” the British audio brand said.

In the campaign, Beckham sports the luxe Bowers & Wilkins Px8 wireless headphones, billed by the audio innovators as the “ultimate combination of exceptional performance, premium materials, intelligent technology, and smart features.”

(Bowers & Wilkins)

“It’s always important to find time for yourself. My headphones give me a rare moment to relax,” Beckham told Bowers & Wilkins.

(Bowers & Wilkins)

Complete with noise cancellation technology and a handsome range of custom builds for added style points, the Px8, like Beckham’s famed sporting career, is a beacon of taste, longevity and performance. Stay tuned to Bowers & Wilkins for new future avenues with David Beckham as the elegant face of the brand.