This EDC Folding Pocket Knife is Inspired by a Tiger’s Claw

The CRKT Provoke is as useful as it is lethal.


Designer Joe Caswell may have created his CRKT Provoke to resemble the ancient karambit—an Indonesian knife inspired by the tiger’s claw—but this blade is a pure product of 21st century engineering on the inside.

The Provoke incorporates Kinematic™ technology, which is key to what sets it apart from the competition. With this design all it takes is a little pressure and the blade is out and ready for anything.

From, here’s a precise description of how to operate this bad boy:

Thumb pressure on the upper crossbar sets the chain reaction in motion, causing the blade to lunge to action while you’ve got a firm grasp on the handle. It’s crafted of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for supreme toughness. 

The Provoke is made with premium materials as well, rocking a black oxide-finished hawkbill-style blade made of durable premium D2 steel. It is built to hold an edge and be ready to go the moment you need it—for anything (just because a knife has a tactical design doesn’t mean you need only use it for self-defense).

The CRKT Provoke’s hilt is made from anodized aluminum and features a highly innovative pocket clip that is so discreet it won’t mess with the knife’s stealthy profile.

The Provoke has 2.41″ blade and an overall length of 7.25″ and weighs just over six ounces. 

You can buy it here for $200.