Transform Your Bike Into a Drift-Destroying Snow Cycle With This Awesome DIY Kit

The Envo SnowBike Kit will keep you riding through the winter.


Snowbike conversions for motorcross aren’t new, but the Envo SnowBike Kit transforms any mountain bike into a miniature, drift-destroying snowmobile. 

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The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company claims that it’s the first to bring a “pedal-assisted electric snow bicycle” to the public after engineering, prototyping, testing revisions, and obtaining approval for marketing. That said, Envo does warn that this is a preliminary DIY product for earlier adopters who need some mechanical know-how to assemble the various components. 


A bogie made from CNC-machined parts can accommodate different sizes of bicycle frames. Wrapped around the bogie is the V-treaded, Kevlar-reinforced rubber snow track, which is capable of generating 220 pounds of traction and functioning on up to a 20-percent grade slope. Up front is a snowboard attached to the fork. 


Power comes from a 48V battery pack with Panasonic and LG cells that delivers 1200W (just over 1.6 mechanical hp)to a brushless DC hub motor for instant acceleration and a max speed of about 12.5 mph. The unit will run for an hour unassisted on a full charge, or four hours with continuous pedal-assist. 

The throttle is actuated with a switch mounted on the handlebars alongside an E-Assist display with readings for trip duration, distance, speed, temperature and battery level. A particularly cool piece of technology are the pedal assist sensors, which can tell the motor to provide a boost depending on the selected assist level (0-5).

The Envo Electric SnowBike Kit is available to purchase now for $2158.83 online