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June 18, 2024
"Signature sounds" produced by the first fully electric Ferrari will rival the roar of the automaker's combustion engines.
June 11, 2024
With up to 1,025 horsepower, 1,198 pound-feet of torque and a 420-mile range, Rivian's flagship electric truck is better than…
May 30, 2024
The first electrified 911 is purely concerned with speed and power, not fuel economy.
Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight (Automobili Pininfarina)
May 2, 2024
These heroic takes on Pininfarina's freakishly fast EVs are worthy of Batman's alter ego.
February 28, 2024
The ultra-quick EV will use SpaceX cold gas thrusters to hover across short distances and accelerate faster than any other…
February 22, 2024
Drivers can download extra horsepower for their Dodge Charger EVs over the air via "eStage kits."
December 6, 2023
The 845-horsepower "Cyberbeast" can hit 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and withstand shotgun blasts.
(Alef Aeronautics)
July 5, 2023
The $300,000 Alef Aeronautics Model A is getting off the ground.