This Insane Scorpion Gaming Chair Doubles As a Zero-Gravity Computer Workstation

Game like a supervillain with this totally bonkers “computer cockpit.”


A lot of people around the world have been working from home now longer than they might have ever imagined possible. What with the coronavirus pandemic enforcing six months of mostly staying inside, the mind turns to your household environment and how to change it up. A gaming chair that gives you the sense you are floating and is shaped like a giant scorpion to boot? 

That home office you didn’t even know you’d need when 2020 began would be complete with Cluvens’ IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair. Just take a look at the photo above and you know it’s true.

This scorpion-shaped chair, which Cluvens also calls the Scorpion Computer Cockpit, is fully motorized, with the tail overwrapping the seat to lower top-mounted screens. It’s all completely adjustable as well, allotting for one huge curved monitor or two smaller ones, whatever works for the setup you want.

Even though it looks as forbidding as a chair designed to look like a poisonous predator might be, the Scorpion isn’t sharp-edged at all. Further amenities found in the chair’s design include storage for the cockpit remote control, which the user can utilize for fine-grained control of pose and posture, and massage and heat. 

You could look like the most comfortable supervillain in the known universe if you order the Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming computer cockpit chair. It retails for $3,299. Learn much more about it here: