Growlers That Actually Protect Your Suds

Any schmuck can bring wine to a party. Make a splash with one of these fizz- and flavor-retaining growlers, tested and approved by our team.

Portland Growler Co. The Grigri: Hand-cast with extrathick walls, this ceramic growler (right) kept our beer chilled for close to 24 hours with no loss of carbonation. Testers loved how quickly they could batten down the flip-top lid (essential for freshness) and how the handle made the growler easy to maneuver. It’s the heaviest here, but, man, is it well made. [$]

Shine Vessels Wander and RumbleTraditional in shape, this stainless steel flagon has a threaded cap for fizz retention. Its single-walled build reduces weight but also insulation: It couldn’t keep our beer cold for longer than 12 hours. Still, it’s sized right—testers loved being able to pour a pint with one hand. [$]

Hydro Flask: It looks like an overweight water bottle, but what the Hydro Flask lacks in sexiness, it makes up for in sheer utility. The broad, well-insulated bottle has anextrawide mouth for easy gulping. It kept our brew frigid for more than a day. [$]

Zythos Project The Bräuler: This burly beer keeper is designed to minimize foam during the filling process. Whatever the case, it kept our suds cool and carbonated for a day, and its CO2 injector (sold separately) extended the brew’s life span. Its neoprene sleeve offers added insulation. [$]

Photos by Travis Rathbone