H. Moser & Streetwear Giant UNDEFEATED Collab On Limited Edition Luxury Watch

The $52,000 stunner updates H. Moser’s famed Streamliner model in epic fashion.

H. Moser

The luxury world and the world of streetwear might have once seemed like odd bedfellows, so to speak, but the lines are blurred on the daily between the two now — particularly with the latest stunning launch from H. Moser and streetwear brand UNDEFEATED.

H. Moser specializes in arguably some of the most intricate watches on the planet, and the Streamliner Chronograph UNDEFEATED — with a price tag of $55,000 — is certainly no exception.

It stands apart from past H. Moser Streamliner models thanks in large part to the anthracite grey DLC coating on the cushion case and bracelet links, but that’s not the only thing this visually striking timepiece has going for it.

H. Moser

How exactly did the luxury watchmaker and Los Angeles streetwear brand UNDEFEATED team up?

UNDEFEATED co-owner Eric Cheng has been a longtime fan of the H. Moser brand, and the two disruption-minded companies found a perfect fit from there.

H. Moser

The use of anthracite grey was dreamed up by UNDEFEATED, as luck would have it, and the incredibly textured Black Tiger Camo fumé dial is also a nod to UNDEFEATED’s work.

The Streamliner model itself nods to trains of the 1920s and 1930s, bearing the same name and evoking smooth curves and a fast-moving pace.

H. Moser

The UNDEFEATED logo graces the 12’o-clock marker on the dial itself, while the way the watch tells time is both incredibly unique and precise in its own way.

The H. Moser UNDEFEATED Streamliner uses a grey outer minute marker on the dial to track seconds, while an inner minute track counts the minutes themselves.

H. Moser

What’s the catch with the H. Moser UNDEFEATED Streamliner Chronograph? Well, only 76 pieces are available — remember, this watch will set you back $52K — yet it’s a visually appealing work of art blending streetwear and luxury timekeeping.

Sounds like a worthwhile investment in our book, one that goes perfectly with an UNDEFEATED jacket.