This High-Tech Side Table Chills Beers, Charges Phones and Plays Music

This might be all you need.


The geniuses at Sobro just can’t stop coming up with innovations we need. Like, right now. 

First there was their incredible coffee table (see below) designed to keep the beer cold, play your music, and power your phone. That was funded by an understandably successful Indiegogo campaign, and Sobro is taking the same route with its Smart Side Table.

Sobro open
The killer coffee table.

The Smart Side Table looks like the perfect companion to the coffee table. With its amazing list of functions it might even be the better accessory. Some specs:

—Cooler drawer
—Wireless charging
—Bluetooth speakers
—Motion-activated lighting
—WiFi allowing for regular updates to the firmware

The Indiegogo page for the Smart Side Table points out a function you might not think of:

Intelligent sleep mode helps you create great sleep habits and keep them. The LED lights on the back of the table can simulate sunrise to help you wake up easily while the built-in white noise generator can drown out noise pollution.* A variety of pleasant sounds will be available through the Sobro App’s Smart Sleep Mode.

You’d never need another dumb wood nightstand again.

Smart Side Table

It looks like the Smart Side Table has absolutely killed it with funding, pulling in 542 percent of its original goal. There are still premiums as of Friday morning: Pay $349 now and you’ll get yours in October 2018. 

You can pay just $629 for a pair, but if you want to go that way, do it now. Sobro has already sold more than a dozen of 75 available. 

Sobro side table

Furniture like coffee tables and side tables just sort of sit there, normally. They blend in, become anonymous. Consumers might even tend to err on the cheap side with both, just to fill space or serve some really basic functions.

The Sobro Smart Side Table—and its companion—are totally original, unexpected upgrades. Now that they’re here, we realize how much we needed them. 

h/t HiConsumption