This Freaky Knife is Carved From a Giant Piece of Actual Petrified Fish

Meet the baddest piece of sushi ever.

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Still: YouTube/kiwami japan

Still: YouTube/kiwami japan

There’s something very fishy about this knife. 

It doesn’t have blade forged from military grade stainless steel or a handle made of carbon fiber composite. 

Still: YouTube/kiwami japan

Rather, the entire thing is carved from a block of dried and smoked bonito tuna called Katsuobushi—a Japanese preparation that holds the Guinness World Record for the hardest food on earth.

Still: YouTube/kiwami japan

When shaved into flakes, Katsuobushi imparts umami flavor into the dashi fish broth used to make miso soup. 

Still: YouTube/kiwami japan

As this YouTuber demonstrates, one can also craft a hunk of the stuff into a full-size blade. 

It may not be as flashy as these pocket knives made from Woolly Mammoth tusks and dinosaur bones, but it’s still pretty badass. 

h/t: Gizmodo