KEF Turns Up The Volume For High-End Wireless Speaker System

The $7,000 KEF LS60 System amps up home audio in a major way.


KEF’s pioneering audio technology has been changing the game for six decades now, ever since the company was known as Kent Engineering and Foundry. That’s quite the lineage to build upon, but the company is turning things up to 11 with yet another innovation in the world of luxury home audio.

In a nod to 60 years in business, KEF is debuting the LS60 Wireless System, a set of two impressive floor-standing speakers — available in three eye-catching colors — delivering sound that’s so impressive, you just might feel like you’re at a thunderous headlining festival set.

1,400 watts of surging power are delivered via a trio of dedicated amplifiers capturing the full spectrum of sound (high, low and middle frequencies). The technology in effect blends these frequencies, delivering them through a single point — the system does this all through speakers that clock in at a subtle 43 inches tall and about 5 inches wide.


It’s the Blade Series that audiophiles have to thank for inspiring KEF’s latest and greatest beauty of a listening creation — the combined driver placement within the LS60 Wireless was adapted from the more luxe Blade Series (try up to $35K a pair).

Better still might be the ease of use — tune in wirelessly using the dedicated KEF app, and use the speakers wirelessly or in a wired format for everything from movies to gaming to music.


In fact, high-voltage rock n’roll might be your best bet for using such an impressive, stylish set of speakers — the real key here lies in that combined driver technology, billed as KEF’s Single Apparent Source configuration.

To go deeper, KEF relies on the fourth-generation Uni-Q driver array — that driver set-up is powered by Metamaterial Absorption Technology.

If it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, it’s not that far off. The MAT system acts, as KEF says, like an “acoustic black hole,” absorbing sound distortion at a rather impressive rate (99 percent, according to the famed audio brand).


It gets even better from there when it comes to the KEF LS60, though — if you really want to amp up your luxury audio experience to another level entirely, coordinate your system with your turntable to spin your favorite records.

All of that versatility comes at a price — the system retails for about $7,000, still solid savings compared to, say, KEF’s Blade Series.


Ultimately, the KEF LS60 — which hits the market officially in June — is just about anything you want it to be. To hear KEF tell it, the system “is an entirely new product poised to disrupt the audio landscape.”

If it turns out anything like the company’s past groundbreaking innovations, we think that’s music to your ears.