This Leaked Video Just Might Show the Best Look at the iPhone 8 Yet

It looks like Apple has made some serious changes this time.

Throw another rumor in the big iPhone 8 rumor pile, this time with an admittedly compelling video. Published by TigerMobiles and noted leaker @OnLeaks Wednesday, this video appears to demonstrate that Apple has finally listened to its most fired-up consumers and really made some changes in the iPhone design. 

Put simply, the iPhone 8 finally looks like more than just a polish and trim of a previous generation. There’s a caveat regarding this video, though—while it’s the product of a leak, it doesn’t appear to be an actual iPhone smuggled out of one of Apple’s manufacturing plants in China. 

iPhone 8 measuring

TigerMobiles explains that what you see in the video was “manufactured via CNC process. It is based upon 3D CAD sourced directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone.” Meaning those design files were leaked and then someone used that to program an outside machine to make this mock-up. 

Also worth noting: “Keep in mind, some details may change before the official launch.”

iPhone 8

While the iPhone’s overall signature profile remains clearly recognizable, it looks like one of the biggest visible changes is the screen—a consistent detail in previous leaks—which finally is using all the available real estate on the device’s 5.8″ body. 

The camera’s structure—another frequently leaked detail—has shifted to a vertical formation. TigerMobiles writes that the new lens positioning might have something to do with a move to AR, or Augmented Reality. AR “basically means that you can point your phone camera at something and your phone will have certain kinds of info,” writes TigerMobiles.

iPhone 8

“Maybe that’s a painting,” the post continues, “and your phone knows the artist, or perhaps you’re at the football stadium, and your phone will be able to pinpoint your seat simply by panning around the stadium with your camera.”

That admittedly sounds pretty damn sweet, and also potentially creepy if facial recognition algorithms are in the mix. 

But AR, like the actual appearance of the iPhone 8 itself when all is said and done, is a bridge we’ll have to cross whenever Apple gets around to finally putting the product on the market. 

h/t Forbes, TigerMobiles