Lego’s New James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ Aston Martin Includes Hidden Machine Guns, Ejector Seat

Get your license to build.


If you didn’t have an extra $2 million sitting around to purchase the real Aston Martin DB5 featured in Goldfinger, we’ve got good news. 

Lego Creator has a meticulously detailed version of the stunning ride Sean Connery piloted in the movie that you can own for less than the price of one of James Bond’s cufflinks. 


All the pieces—1,295 to be exact—come together to create a working replica of the 1964 DB5 modified by Q to help Agent 007 wreak havoc on the baddies. Even with a working passenger ejector seat, concealable machine guns and revolving license plates, it’s nowhere near as complicated as Lego Technic’s 3,599-piece Bugatti Chiron.  

Lego has all the details: 

Open the doors and you’ll discover a detailed interior with a concealable radar tracker and a door compartment containing a telephone. And when it’s time for action, activate the passenger ejector seat, turn the revolving number plates, raise the rear-window bulletproof screen, deploy the wheel-mounted tire scythes and pull back the gearstick to reveal the front wing machine guns.

This collectible model car also features a detailed straight-6 engine, drum-lacquered silver front and rear bumpers, moulded silver-coloured wire wheel rim inserts and front and rear Aston Martin logos.

Head to Lego’s website to get your license to build the British superspy’s classic Aston for just $150

Let’s hope the toy company takes a crack at another one of Bond’s many other iconic rides. See five of our favorites in the gallery above.  


h/t: io9