LEGO 2,573-Piece 2020 Land Rover Defender Model Has ‘Most Sophisticated Gearbox Yet’

LEGO’s tricked-out toy version of the iconic 4×4 also has an inline-six engine, folding rear seat, a ladder, a winch and a roof rack.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.43.29 PM


LEGO has followed up on Land Rover’s release of the 2020 Defender with their reveal that’s sure to delight Land Rover aficionados: a 2.573-piece model of the new SUV. 

The kit includes sharp details like an independent suspension, authentic panels and wheels, and what LEGO says is its “most sophisticated gearbox yet.”

LEGO doesn’t stint on the details. Like its metal big brother, this pint-size Rover has an inline-six engine, folding rear seat, and that gearbox the toymaker is so proud of is the real deal: It’s a sequential four-speed and you can switch between high and low-range crawling ability as you please.


If you had to shrink down to G.I. Joe size to drive this mini-Defender, you’d be set—additional details true to the actual vehicle include an independent coil-sprung suspension for the corners as well as legit steering control. The LEGO Land Rover Defender can be driven by the wheel inside the cab and also from a rooftop control. 

Other sweet extra features include a ladder, a winch, roof rack, and storage box and original rims.

The whole thing will cost $200 USD, and comes in green, gray, and black colorways. You won’t have to wait long to add this to your collection, either. LEGO’s 2020 Technic Land Rover Defender will be available for purchase around the world beginning Oct. 1, 2019.