LG ‘Media Chair’ Recliner Comes With 55-Inch Rotating OLED TV

The futuristic TV/chair concept is being called “the ultimate relaxation device.”

(LG Display)

LG’s new “Media Chair” concept could make home entertainment more immersive than ever.

The futuristic semi-circular recliner is billed as the “ultimate relaxation device,” but relaxation levels will definitely depend on what users are watching.

(LG Display)

A curved 55-inch OLED display incorporates LG Display’s Cinematic Sound tech, enabling the screen to vibrate and create its own sound without external speakers—Robb Report likened the feature to “surround TV” instead of surround sound.

Alpine scenes from The Sound of Music may indeed seem more relaxing, but the reality-bending gunfights from The Matrix Resurrections should likewise be extra intense.

The OLED display pivots 90 degrees at the touch of a button, allowing users to view vertically or horizontally-oriented media in-full. Tens of millions self-emitting pixels eliminate the need for a separate backlight while providing excellent picture quality.

(LG Display)

Hypebeast reports that the same type of technology will be featured on a second concept dubbed the “Virtual Ride,” a stationary bike with three stacked 55-inch displays that boast the most extreme curvature of any large screen, according to LG.

Both the Media Chair and Virtual Ride will be on-display at CES 2022 in Las Vegas from January 5-8.