LG To Launch Clear 55-Inch OLED Display That Doubles as COVID-19 Safety Barrier

Tech designed for the pandemic era.


The see-through video screen has been a sci-fi staple for decades. It’s an improbable-looking piece of tech that says the future is here, and LG—who won the 2020 CES innovation award with an 88-inch, 8K TV—has made it real with a 55-inch screen they are set to introduce during CES 2021 (the Consumer Electronics Show), which occurs virtually, January 11-14. 

LG designed this innovation with food service in mind, intending it as a clear but functional partition in restaurants, preserving social distance protocols meant to limit the spread of pathogens—like COVID-19—between patrons and staff while also serving a practical function as a menu or entertainment device. 


The concept also puts the clear display in smart homes or even for use as windows on public transit.

Here’s more from Tech Radar:

There are cinematic speakers built into the frame as well, removing the need for additional surround speakers (although we’re unable to say whether these speakers are any good).

LG says the frame containing the display and speakers can be easily moved around the home – although we’ll have to wait for more details before we can comment on whether that’s really the case.

Clear OLED displays have actually been around for a while, but Tech Radar notes they’ve been problematic, with “previous transparent screens plagued by poor contrast and black levels.”

LG claims great clear imagery for its new screens, but we’ll see once CES 2021 is underway.

No word yet on when these screens will be available to consumers. It’s worth noting, however, that this is the company behind an $87,000 first of its kind rollable OLED TV, so at least at first, chances are the 55″ clear partition will cost quite a bit.

There are sure to be many more innovations in store when The Consumer Electronics Show begins January 11, 2021. Learn more here: CES.tech.