Meet ‘Liteboxer’, a Peloton-Like Machine For Boxing Workouts

Take a swing at upgrading your home workout.


A new home workout apparatus is being heralded as the Peloton of boxing, and it could revolutionize home workouts. The Liteboxer is billed as a reimagining of the traditional punching bag as a portable, free-standing device that replaces sand or water with an LED illuminated runway lights, targets and force sensors that work in conjunction to simulate the act of sparring with a trainer. 

Via a connection to a smartphone, users can access, pre-designed programs or trainer-led sessions. Tech Crunch reports that there are several different modes, including Training Camp, which familiarizes users with the system. A second mode syncs programs to the beat of a song in either a free training session or for a pre-determined number of rounds.

And like Peloton, there are a variety of workouts led by world-class trainers and organized by type, duration and difficulty available on the Liteboxer app. Additionally, users can strive for personal bests, climb the leaderboard, challenge friends, or engage in functional strength training and recovery workouts that complement a boxing training regime. 


Currently available for pre-order with units shipping in August, the Liteboxer system retails for $1,495. After that, users need to pay for a premium subscription is available for $29 per month, to access training sessions, music, and competitions.