MB&F’s New Panda Luxury Watch Benefits a Good Cause

This panda bear-shaped bauble is one of a kind.


Instead of jet engines and monster clocks, avant-garde watch brand MB&F looked to a softer inspiration for its latest mind-bogglingly complex timepiece: the panda bear.

Instead of designing a new model from the ground up, MB&F started with the HM10 Bulldog. The rounded body already loosely resembled the shape of the black and white bear’s face, even more so when treated with black and white lacquer. 

The look really comes together with the addition of Panda “body parts,” if you will. Black titanium ears top the sapphire dome, while the straps are colored to look like the bamboo-loving creature’s stout legs. 


Beneath the glass, two black aluminum time-display domes dominate the dial in reference to the white face-black counter combos that are already referred to as “panda dials” elsewhere in the watchmaking world. 

Located within the dome’s lower hemisphere are “teeth” that cleverly serve as a power reserve indicator. Fully closed mouth? That tells you that the Panda needs a windup. If its while teeth are on full display, that means 45 hours of mainspring life.


The one-off MB&F Panda will be offered at Only Watch, a charity timepiece auction featuring pieces from other venerated brands like Montblanc, Patek Philippe, and Tag Heuer. Virtually all of the funds raised go towards treating and curing neuromuscular diseases. 

Being an one-of-a-kind MB&F, the Panda will likely hit a six-figure bid.