Michigan Unveiled Its New Nike Jumpman Uniforms and Players are Freaking Out

The Wolverines are the first football team to sign with MJ’s brand.

When the University of Michigan takes the field for its first football game of the 2016 season, it will do so with the silhouette of a basketball player on its uniform. This is not a mistake. 

This week, the Wolverines officially became the first college football program with Jumpman-branded uniforms — a milestone that’s about more than little logos on big shoulder pads. 

This is a big day for Michigan, because kids love the Jumpman. These uniforms will be as massive a recruiting tool as the Big House and the killer facilities in Ann Arbor. Just listen to what some of the team’s current players are saying about them.


That’s why this deal makes a lot of sense for Michigan. And it makes a ton of sense for Nike because Michigan’s fan base is huge and will buy tons of Michael Jordan branded gear. But it’s not just the young ones who, like the players, think this stuff is “fire.” There will be plenty of gear for dad fans too. 

The story of how the Wolverines and Jumpman came together starts with a legendary member of the Michigan football team. Former Heisman winner Charles Woodson, who’s got his own Jumpman deal, says he texted Jordan himself when he heard Michigan’s Adidas contract was expiring. MJ liked the idea, Michigan liked the idea, and the rest, as they say, is college football history.