This 3D Body-Scanning Mirror Will Give You Brutally Honest Feedback

Can you handle the truth?

(Photo: Naked)

(Photo: Naked)

Our society has deemed “body-shaming” a cardinal offense, but a new mirror startup is betting people will pay money for “honest feedback” on how fit or out-of-shape they are.

Naked, a recently launched 3D body-scanning mirror, scans your body to tell you your body’s fat percentage and ratio of fat to muscle mass. It will even help you chart your progress over time.

The mirror is a stand-in for that humiliating, albeit motivating, diagnostic they give you during a comp personal training session when you join a new gym.

Rather than a trainer scanning your body for abnormalities, the Naked mirror uses infrared lights, which are more precise and just as unforgiving.

It does not have to be the occasional measuring to inspire you to hit the squat rack harder. It’s a full-length body mirror that can be installed in your home and then synced to your phone to become a part of your normal fitness routine.

Some would say that is a tad extreme, but Naked insists it is solely designed to help you “visualize your body’s progress so you can stay on track to meet your goals.” Sounds… reasonable. 

Watch techy YouTube sensation and Maxim Hot 100 alum iJustine give it a try in the video above.

Limited quantities of this body-shaming smart mirror are now available for $1,395.

h/t InsideHook