The 'Kraken Blade' Is a Sea-Worthy EDC Knife

Release the Kraken.
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Even with an array of EDC knives on the market, this solid brass "Kraken Blade" manages to totally stand out. 

Oceanus Brass Kraken Blade  (3)

The rustproof folding pocket knife was launched as the 15th Kickstarter campaign by exploration-themed tool manufacturer Oceanus Brass. The project has received nearly $240,000 in funding from over 4,200 backers in two weeks, so the Kraken Blade is officially happening. 

Oceanus Brass Kraken Blade  (1)

The name, which of course comes from the mythical, giant squid-like monster, refers to the four actuated arms that allow the magnetically-locked mechanism to open seamlessly with the flick of a risk from. The arms are secured with four, split-shaft "Chicago screw" bolts made from stainless steel. 

Oceanus Brass Kraken Blade  (4)

While the brass housing is uniquely cool and durable, the No. 1992 steel utility blade is readily available at any hardware store, so one doesn't need to worry about chipping or dulling while cutting, nipping or carving (A five-pack of Stanley No. 1992 heavy duty utility blades also sells on Amazon for less than $5.) 

Oceanus Brass Kraken Blade

Because of the massive support, every order also now includes a complimentary solid brass bow shackle to serve as an attachment point. 

Pledge $35 or $45 to secure one of the limited early bird packages, or $55 to get it 45 percent off the full retail price before deliveries begin in March of 2021. Learn more or back it at Kickstarter