It’s Time to Give Fitness Watches the Finger

This “ring-sized wellness computer” could be the end of smart watches.

Let’s be honest. No one gives a rat’s ass how many steps you took today, how many calories you burnt, or how many stinking virtual badges you earned doing it. At the end of the day, it’s all about one thing: Sleep. More specifically, the part sleep plays in making sure you’re recharged enough to perform your daily activities; and how, coming full circle, that affects your sleep. That’s what the masculinely elegant ŌURA ring cleverly seeks to help you discover.

Worn on any finger, this waterproof, scratch-resistant, glossy ceramic ring (available in black or white) combines data it automatically captures—including sleep stages, heart and respiration rates, body temperature and movement—refines the data using proprietary algorithms and combines it with your input about how you’re feeling during the day.

What the app (initially available for iOS, with Android coming early next year) ultimately spits out is personalized, actionable guidance about what you should be doing when, in order to sleep, do and feel better. In other words, it’s as practical as it is shiny and cool.

Having blown through its six-figure funding goal in the first 16 hours, this campaign doesn’t need your help as much as you need its help. Although the super early bird pricing isn’t available, you can still snag regular early bird pricing ($229) for this slick wellness accessory, which is planned to retail for $299.

Photos by Ouraring