Pininfarina Launches Supercar-Inspired iPhone Cases

Less than 100 of the luxury iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 cases are hitting the market.


To turn the everyday, like a seemingly simple phone case, into a sleek work of art requires a deep source of design inspiration: How about a Ferrari concept car?

The Ferrari Modulo concept car, designed by Pininfarina in the 1970s, was an instant worldwide design hit and an icon. Now, it gets a second life in a series of iPhone 13 and 14 cases designed in partnership with luxury design brand INKAR.


It’s just the latest boundary-pushing endeavor by Pininfarina, which now designs everything from luxury towers to yachts in impressive fashion.


Yes, that’s correct: The sleek lines of an award-winning, futuristic and exceptional concept car are actually perfect design fodder for the automotive design studio, pushing the boundaries of what a phone case can represent.

In this case, the Pininfarina iPhone cases put materials and construction on as much of a pedestal as sleek, sharp design.


Dead-stock leather from Pininfarina automobiles is incorporated into customization options for each case while customers can also select from five colorways and 10 plate options *=(made from aluminum, carbon fiber or natural wood).

The end result of any combination one can dream up is undoubtedly a stylish, refined, next-level phone case — a truly one-of-a-kind offering.


Other famed Ferrari Modulo details, like the 24 precisely placed holes in its engine cover (not to mention the Modulo’s elegantly curved design) are reflected in the collaborative series of phone cases.

Each phone case will be crafted in Italy at a luxury factory to get the specs just right, of course.


And for good measure, each refined case comes with an extra layer of exclusivity. Each case comes with its own NFT as a certificate, which also guarantees the holder the chance to pre-order future INKAR collaborations.

If future design partnerships are as visually appealing and luxe as these Pininfarina phone cases, consider us intrigued (and consider your everyday carry sorted out for life).