Ray-Ban Launches World’s First Smart Sunglasses With Built-In Meta AI

Stream HD video to Instagram and Facebook hands-free with these high-tech Wayfarer shades.


Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer shades just got their most advanced technological update since the stylish eyewear staple launched back in the 1950s, courtesy of Meta.

The latest iteration of Ray-Ban’s smartglasses, themselves a product of the Facebook parent company’s years-long partnership with the eyewear brand, now feature Meta’s AI, allowing wearers to simply utter a “Hey Meta” voice prompt to get information and control the glasses’ features in conjunction with the latest version of the Meta View companion app.

The camera has also received a substantial upgrade, moving from a 5-MP to an ultrawide 12-MP unit that takes high-quality photos and 1080p video in portrait orientation. This is particularly relevant to streamers, who can now toggle between their glasses and phone camera and post to Instagram live or Facebook Live without touching a button, thanks to the AI voice assistant.


Additionally, discreet open-ear speakers now have increased bass response and noise suppression—Ray-Ban says the wearer will still be able to clearly hear the ambient sound of their environment—while five built-in microphones support switching between music and calls.

What makes the collection most attractive, at least compared with other smartglasses, is the fact that it builds on Ray-Bans existing, timelessly cool frames. A variety of 21 styles, various colors and prescription, sun, clear, polarized and transitional lenses are available across the Wayfarer, Wayfarer Large, and a new Headliner silhouette, which offers a “more inclusive and universal fitting design.


“The new Ray-Ban Meta collection is in a league of its own with features that have never fit inside a pair of glasses before,” said Rocco Basilico, Chief Wearables Officer for EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban’s parent company.”


“The world sees you in a pair of your favorite Wayfarer, perhaps with your own prescription and Transitions lenses that go from day to night, but you know you have this powerful universe of tech inside. Meta AI, live streaming, and insanely crisp audio and calling capabilities—all hands-free. This is what we imagined when we first decided to enter this space. Truly wearable, life-enhancing technology. And it will only get better.”

Starting at $299, the Ray-Ban Meta collection is available to pre-order now.