This Bulletproof Cooler Used By Army Special Forces Is Virtually Indestructible

You can own this battle-ready icebox.

Stray Fourth of July fireworks won’t break this battle-ready cooler. 

The Speedbox Endurance-40 is a virtually indestructible container that’s used by Army Special Forces, Air Force Pararescue Jumpers and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians everywhere. The GIF below sums up why it’s particularly suited to the latter group: 


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While it has applications beyond your backyard barbecue, the 40-gallon single-walled box can easily keep loads of ice-cold beer and other perishables safe thanks to a built-in gasket that’s water-and-airtight. 

A military-grade shatter-resistant polymer construction, cam-driven latches and Army Regulation aluminum lock plates further ensure its precious contents survive pretty much any conceivable event. 

Its ten-inch polyurethane tires are also totally solid, meaning you’ll never need to worry about a flat while towing up to 300 pounds behind a heavy-duty “Never-Fail” aluminum handle. 

The Endurance-40’s rugged design is also completely modular. Three can be locked together and loaded into a full-size truck with room to spare. 

For those who are still skeptical about its supposed indestructibility, please watch this absolutely brutal field test:  

Available in black or “Coyote Brown,” you can buy the hardest cooler around for $575 from Speedbox. See all of the Endurance-40’s awesome features in the gallery above. 

h/t: Inside Hook