Stash Your Booze in an iPad Flask

The perfect tech-meets-debauchery drinking accessory.
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Ah, Kickstarter. What would we do without you and your platform for catapulting entrepreneurial endeavors into successful products? The site's crowdsourcing magnates strike again with StashPad, the flask shaped like—you guessed it—an iPad. This technologically-inclined drinking companion holds 12 ounces of your booze of choice, with an attached pop top design that makes it impossible to lose the cap.

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The StashPad comes complete with a funnel for easy pouring, because naturally you wouldn't want to mix your gadgets with booze spills. Yes, it looks a little janky, but your plastic waterbottle full of whiskey and Coke isn't fooling anyone, either.

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The slide-out chamber is also the perfect spot for your herbal substance of choice. Hey, we don't judge. It'll retail for $40, but you can score one now on their Kickstarter page for $15.