Super Sweet Pot-Smoking Technology

Helping you get blunted…digitally.

We’ve come a long way since the Bob Dylan days of twisting up some herb in paper. Pot technology has advanced almost as fast as some medical research (we’re waiting on you, cure for cancer), and now herbal partakers have tons of neat gadgets and gizmos to get their green on. Here’s a roundup of our favorite “green” technologies. (We were gonna do a rolling paper round up instead but that seemed as boring as going to a Pink Floyd laser show without getting high first.)

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Easily one of the most futuristic (and effective) options out there, Ploom’s Pax Vaporizer doesn’t just get the job done, it’s got one of the smartest designs we’ve ever seen. A magnet enclosure keeps your product in place while the Pax does its work. Simple visual cues from the little LED display tell you when it’s ready, and the included battery charger gives it a classy home when you’re not using it. [Buy it here.]

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray

There’s plenty of reasons you might want to mask the sweet smell of your sticky icky, but besides a dryer sheet in a toilet paper tube, there aren’t necessarily many ways to do it. Enter the Ionic Smokeless Ashtray, which sucks up that secondhand smoke and neutralizes the stink. Warning: This product does not make the smoke rings you blow any less stinky…or less impressive. [Buy it here.]

BIC Lighter Stash Spot

The BIC Lighter Stash Spot is a straightforward solution to the problem of how to discretely stash your shit on the go. Pop the bottom off this innocuous accessory and out spill the essentials. We love simplicity. [Buy it here.]

Bonnair Black Bull Vapor Pen for Wax

Happily, there’s an option for everyone, no matter what form they like their herbs. The Bonnair Black Bull is a portable solution for the wax fans out there. Granted, you’ll probably have to be in California, Washington, or Colorado to actually get your hands on the wax in the first place, but if wax is your thing then the Bonnair should be, too. [Buy it here.]

Iolite WR1-5 WISPR Vaporiser

One of the more portable options on our list, the Iolite doesn’t actually run on electric, but, instead, uses butane to heat itself up to vaporizing temperatures. We’re gonna go ahead and assume this is for folks who are planning an Into the Wild-type adventure and don’t wanna risk starting a brush fire every time they get high. So if that sounds like you, congratulations. Now try not to get eaten by wild animals. [Buy it here.]

Indian Crusher Grinder

OK, we know what you’re thinking: a grinder is pot technology the way a wheel is automobile technology, but still, if you’re living the green life without a grinder, you’re doing it wrong. The Indian Crusher is just an example of a grinder that has all the essentials: Steel construction, big ol’ teeth to eat through whatever you put in it, and most importantly, a catch compartment for those times when you’re truly dry and desperate. Even the Boy Scouts would applaud this kind of preparedness. [Buy it here.]

Phototron Grow System

There are plenty of options for what you can do with your herb once you have it, but we had to include at least one product that helps you acquire it in the first place—by growing it yourself. The Phototron is a completely self-contained grow system that will regulate your plants for both light and water. We wouldn’t call anything idiot-proof—we’ve seen idiots do some serious damage to innocent objects—but the Phototron comes damn close. [Buy it here.]

Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Volcano is to vaporizers what Hoover is to vacuums. The two are so intrinsically linked that they’re damn near interchangeable. (Volcano and vaporizers, not vaporizers and vacuums—try to keep up, sport.) The Digit is Volcano’s top of the line product, and delivers the quality you’d expect of something with a $669 price tag. Steep, sure, but it’s an excellent experience, and will likely pay for itself over time given how little weed you need to put into this thing to get a killer buzz out of it. As responsible adults, we like to think long-term when it comes to big-ticket purchases. You’re welcome. [Buy it here.]

Silver Surfer VIP E-Cig

No, Silver Surfer’s VIP E-Cig isn’t just for very important people. It actually stands for Vapor Inhalation Pen. Very clever, right? What’s really clever is the fact that the VIP packs good battery life and a ceramic heating chamber that lets you vaporizer dry goods or oils, depending on what floats your boat (or launches your spaceship…can we start saying that instead?). [Buy it here.]

Vapir Rise

A newcomer to the heavyweight vaporizer game, Vapir’s latest offering, the Rise, doesn’t just go into beast-mode when you fire it up to fill the included bag or straw, it’s a clean, healthy, economic alternative to rolling fat blunts. We’ve found it to be an excellent apparatus that hits just as hard as the rest of the big boys in the category at a cheaper price point. Not that we’ve tried any of these things, because that would be illegal. Or whatever. [Buy it here.]

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